Unusual friend of Gilberto Shedden

The 52-year-old Costa Rican fisherman Gilberto Shedden, nicknamed Chito, has an unusual friend – Pocho the crocodile longer than 5 meters, and the weight up to half a ton. About 20 years ago Chito found wounded crocodile on the shore of the river Parismina. The Reptile  didn’t have left eye, it was starving and weighed only 60 kg. Fisherman took the crocodile home, treated him, fed it chicken and fish, even slept near the crocodile and then released to the lake near his house. To Chito’s surprise, Pocho crawled ashore and walked with him. When fearless fisherman first went in the water next to the crocodile, friends turned away in horror. For 4 years Chito has been performing games with Pocho to people who come from all over the country. Chito enters the lake and calls crocodile, feeds it and plays with it. “Pocho is my best friend”, says fearless fisherman. “Of course, it is a very dangerous thing, but I have a real friendship with it. ” American alligators are less aggressive than their African and Australian counterparts. However, this is the first fact of friendship between a reptile and a human.


Buick 1948!

American mechanical engineer Norman Timbs built this Buick Streamliner in 1948. The basis of the car is an aluminum body with a steel chassis, the journalists wrote that the car looks like whale or turtle. However, in the beautiful lines and curves of the car, you can see the shape of the female body. To create his Norman spent two and a half years and huge by the standards of that time, 10,000 dollars. The most surprising thing in this story is the fate of the Buick Streamliner. It was believed that the vehicle has been irrevocably lost, but in 2002, this rarity has been found in the desert. As a result, purchased and renovated by David Kraus After the restoration, the car was shown at the competition of elegance – Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in 2010. It is unlikely that you ever see this beauty on the road, probably, that this car will never be put up for auction. This car is too beautiful and too valuable that its owner decided to part with it.


Smartphone-sized monkeys

Tarsiers – the smallest primates in the world. Their weight from 113 to 142 grams (like a smartphone). You will not see them anywhere else, except on the Bohol island (Philippine) . This does not quite true – tarsiers found in other Philippine islands, but it’s extremely difficult to see them in their natural habitat, in Bohol there is a special zoo with these weird gremlins. To be honest, tarsiers (or tarshiers how  citizens pronounce) are not monkeys, but they are too similar. Tarsiers active at night and during the day prefer to sleep, gently hugging the loved branch. Because of nocturnalism, they have remarkably large eyes. Their body, despite the tiny size, is very flexible. Tarsier can turn his head over 180 degrees. In the tarsieres zoo there are strict rules: you should not grab monkeys, make noise and act menacing. Tarsiers are very timid and may jump over than for 3 yards. Jumping in fright from of danger, they can hit the head of a tree or other obstacle and die. Live tarsiers are extraordinarily funny – a prototype of gremlin, funny jumping from tree to tree at night.



























The Motherland Calls

One of the tallest statues in the world located in Volgograd (Russia) and is perhaps the main symbol of the Soviet people’s struggle against fascism. 52-meter figure of a woman striding forward, calling their sons to fight with the enemy. Her image is associated with the ancient goddess Nike – the goddess of victory.
Construction of the monument was begun in May 1959 and was completed October 15, 1967. Sculpture at the moment of creation was the world’s tallest statue.

Interesting facts

  • The sculpture “Motherland Calling” is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest at the time the sculpture, a statue in the world. Her height – 52 meters, the length of the hand – 20 and the sword – 33 meters. Total height of sculpture – 85 meters. Weight sculpture – 8000 tons, and the sword – 14 tons (for comparison, the Statue of Liberty in New York in the height of 46 meters, the Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, 38 meters). At this moment, the statue ranks 11th in the list of tallest statues in the world.
  • There is a legend that shortly after the creation of a sculpture of a man lost, and after that nobody saw.
  • According to the will, in Volgograd, on Mamaev Hill, at the foot of the monument “Motherland” buried the Commander of the 62nd Army, distinguished in the battle of Stalingrad, Marshal of the Soviet Union – Vasily Chuikov. At the grave Chuikov are almost always fresh flowers.





T?dai-ji ??? – The Great Eastern Temple

The main building of the temple – Daibutsu den, which houses a statue of Buddha of 16 meters, is impressive, from ever point you are admired: from the central gate – Tyumon, where facade of the building suddenly fills all the space before the eyes of stunned visitors, or from the opposite side, where his powerful silhouette can be seen in the gaps between the stretching to the sun long, slender pines.

Only the face of the Buddha is about 5 meters, the length of his outstretched hand is 3.7 meters, and the middle finger reaches two meters. Overall, the construction of the Great Buddha required about 444 tons of copper, 82 tons of tin, a large amount of gold.

Inside the main building there is a pillar with a hole the size of which correspond to the size of the nostrils of the statue of the Buddha. It is believed that if you managed to get into this hole, you get the blessing of the Buddha for a lifetime.

Before the territory of the temple there are a lot of friendly deers, which can be fed with cookies.

On the cliff knit one more building – Nigatsudo. The name of the Nigatsudo (literally – Hall of the second month) was carried out by starting with 752, almost an annual ritual, which previously was in the second month of the lunar calendar, and now for the first two weeks of March.

The Maharaja’s Express: Luxury Train in India

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